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1. Have you ever been to summer camp?

YES! I went pretty much every year as a kid (well, maybe five times?)

2. If so, was it fun or did you hate it?

I was miserable, but I don't handle change well. I don't remember making a single friend, or singing any songs. I was just quietly sullen.
The best one was Survival Camp, and there was so much flooding that we had to be rescued by the Nat'l Guard. I think they were pretty subpar camps. Basically a bunch of "bad" kids whose tired parents needed a break. Survival Camp was pretty evenly split between the gung-ho kids who were really into it, and the kids whose parents couldn't afford a military bootcamp.

3. If not, did you ever wish you had?

4. What movie says "Summer Time" to you?

I really liked Blue Crush. You know, the one about the three friends raising a child together while surfing.

5. Did movies like "Friday the 13th" put you off summer camp?

Nope, never watched TV as a child (but, oh boy, am I making up for it now).


May. 17th, 2017 06:44 pm
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If anyone is cleaning out their DVDs please donate them to your local library!
We have a LOT of patrons who check out DVDs, and we're only budgeted to purchase 25 DVDs a year. Which means a lot of great movies will never get seen. I mean, we don't even have Captain America (!!!).

Also this is your chance to change your town. I'd love it if someone donated Moonlight or 5 seasons of Queer as Folk. But no, Gunsmoke, and three seasons of Bonanza.

Also a lot of the people who use libraries don't have any other means to purchase media and also lack their own internet/cable connections. These people will NEVER see a movie that isn't at the library.

So, don't throw away all your DVDs as you flee a dying format, DONATE!
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As one project winds down and I begin to hunt for another...

On the chopping block today, the kitchen light fixture. You know, the one I wired with the spray painted tupperware container? The one that I legitimately found on the side of the road and had broken off of a ceiling fan? Yes. That one. I am done.

I'd like to be to make the fixture itself, though. Right now I'm looking at building something like this...


Which seems fairly straightforward, and is exactly how I built a light for my aquarium hood. I'm unsure how the wire cages were built, and I not too fond of the industrial look of the cages. Hmmm...

Any ideas? My main requirement is that it be able to contain multiple bulbs, I like my kitchen to be lit like a surgery. I'd also like if I didn't have to look at the bulbs...
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I made that post complaining about having to miss work today. I got over it.

And now, I'm sitting on the couch with my kiddo. We're each reading quietly, and she looks so cute in her new haircut. I don't want to imagine her gone. I am so thankful that I won that court case. It was the most stressful time of my life, and I spent all my savings and still owe the lawyers. But, I won. And she's so great.
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Sort-of-almost by request from [personal profile] hazard

Photo )

I've* been building a two room addition onto my house for about the last year or so. It's in the final stages, I'm in the middle of the flooring, then base and crown molding. Considering the first step was hauling dirt around in buckets, I'm feel pretty accomplished.

*With lots of help! There were a lot of two-person jobs, and I refuse to go on a ladder, but I definitely did 75% of the work.
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Since the second great migration from lj (this is right?) I was looking back through my entries and found this description of my first foster kid.

#1: Stayed 8 months. 4 years old. Hell. On. Earth. I was her fourth placement in 6 months. We never got along. There were perhaps four peaceful moments. Part of it was that we were simply mismatched. But most of it was that she was awful.

^This is the one I fought for in court, and won like a sullen prize. THIS ONE. Not the sweet one, or the needy teen. Her, my first child, who ended back with me after I reluctantly said yes. And then two years later she's mine. My first child, and then my last one too.

Life likes circles.


Apr. 11th, 2017 06:47 pm
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My favorite ghost story is the one King tells over and over. I won't bore you with the actual story. But he takes a long time telling it, there's the set up, the "incident", and a shaken confession of fear. It's obvious that just the telling of it shakes him up.
And the entire story? Is a tale of how he got high and left a burrito in a microwave.
Perspective, it's a bitch.
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Okay. I know it's bad, for the planet in general and max extinction and pollution and BAD. But on a purely selfish, local level? It's awesome.

1) Rain. There used to be droughts where I live, and forest fires. Now there's rain. A LOT.
And sure, there's flooding and roads crumbling and people floating away. But... I live on a hill. All my houses are on hills. Hills. Gardens that aren't on hills get washed out. All my topsoil is gone. Fenced beds coming soon.
The bad. Now when it gets super hot in the summer (115 degrees plus) it is also super humid (80% plus). And this combination is literally not survivable for the human species. There are "Red Days" when you are told to stay inside and air conditioned. Or you'll die, because the air is too wet for sweat to evaporate, and you won't be able to cool yourself.

2) Less extreme cold/heat and wetter. And if not cooler, then wetter. I used to have a garden from April 15th until about August 1st. Because it just got too hot and dry for any amount of watering to keep the plants alive. Now I plant on February 15th, and this year I had growing plants until mid-November. I got two full crops of tomatoes and peppers. 15 pumpkins off of ONE vine. Okay.
There are issues. My mom's yard was legitimately unable to be mown and had to be hayed. The hot dry crops that were traditionally grown here are getting hard to do. Okra is difficult to get right now.

3) Tornadoes. There was only one this season. Only one. ONE. They have moved north and east of us. Tornado alley is shifting. Sadly, they have taken the epic thunderstorms with them. But I'll trade.

There is a possibility that I'm describing a weather pattern, and not climate change. But these have held out for the last five years. And are within the predicted weather pattern shift. The tornadoes might just be luck. But, only one tornado warning? I remember spending most weeknights in the cellar or crying in the hallway convinced of imminent death (pre-cellar). I'm talking 20+ tornado warnings, hail destroying everything, green sky of death times.

Side note: During our one tornado I was happily on the internet in the living room and the dogs went crazy outside on the porch. They were leaping and clawing at the window while barking. I checked the weather, grabbed kids and the cat, and ran to the cellar. The dogs shoved us aside and ran in first. This is notable. I usually have to lift them down the stairs, and they hate being in the cellar. HATE. Fish panic sheds and lies on the floor like she's dead. Heidi insists that she needs her own chair and then passes out. Anyway, the tornado hit one mile to the east and we rose up victorious out of the shelter.

I wonder if the rate of religion goes up the more prone to natural disasters an area is? Ug. I have to stop this. And go move things around so the contractors can cut a hole for a new door. Goodbye one person on livejournal.
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Instead of my usual amorphous resolutions (Be a better person.) I decided to do twelve that could all be completed within one month. And were very defined. So...

learn to braid my own hair
pierce ears
get another tattoo
lose 10 pounds
read more than SEVEN books (Jesus, 2015, what happened?!)
go on a 20 mile hike
run a 5k (fine... "participate in" a 5k)
spend nothing for one month (less groceries and recurring bills)
go to reunion in norcal, no backing out
meet up with cisco, gabi, and isabella, be an adult about it
meet a whale
build and fill 3 raised garden beds
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So another year's Thanksgiving. I love my family.

First, there's the food, the only rule is you can't have made it before, and nothing actually goes together. I brought a pumpkin curry with jasmine rice, there were grilled Brussels sprouts and some loser brought new potatoes, and other stuff, but that's what I ate.
So then there's the beginning prayer. Which is actually a "Blessing of the Birds" and has a group visualization, ending with everyone saying "And now our minds are one." (Do I really need to mention that there is no meat at this meal? And basically we are mourning all the turkeys.)
After the meal everyone goes to separate rooms, if you cannot find a room to yourself, you may go outside. There people read companionably alone. This lasts about two hours, then pie. Then you leave, quickly, when my mother raises one finger. Seriously, that's what she does when it's time to you go. You can say goodbye politely at the one finger point, but if she raises two you just have a leave as swiftly as possible.
So we're already home, and sleepy, and smug at how low-key our vacation is.


Oct. 11th, 2015 09:32 am
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It's entirely possible that this is a duplicate post. But whatevs. I love The Leftovers. I'm not sure how much it actually resembles the religious psuedo-scifi it's based on, given it's on HBO, I'm guessing not much. But I LOVE it. I'm not sure where it's going this season, or where it went last season. I love the sad tense atmosphere and how the characters don't trust their happiness. I love how it make me sad. I love how it's beautiful, and funny, and desperately ugly.

(Kind of like Rectify, which I also adore.)

4 year plan

Oct. 3rd, 2015 11:35 am
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In case you haven't met me. I'm a planner, a successful planner. I've completed four 4-year plans and it's time to start a new one. What I tend to do is have a pretty detailed four year plan that fits within an vaguer eight year outline. I'm not that strict about it, but I like to move with purpose. So. Here I go.

Upcoming big things include deciding not to adopt, and to close my home to foster placements. I reached a breaking point with the amount of control I was willing to give up. And I mean breaking point. The decision wasn't rational or logical, but entirely necessary for my continued stability. It's still going to take a while to fulfill my responsibility to the two kids I have right now, but by July at the latest I will be done.

My best friend is doing a degree program in the PNW next August, and I'm going with her for a semester. So. Hello. I've missed you West Coast.

Buying another house. Early 2017.

Traveling four months out of every year.

Working a steady job never a single fucking day in my life.

Meet a bunch of different whales, and introduce myself.


When I told my mom that my long term life plan was basically to travel around on a greyhound bus (SO CHEAP! And I am the worst driver.) and meet whales, she started to cry. They were prideful tears of joy.
She's never quite forgiven herself for disobeying and teaching me English, and to read. But blood will out.
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If you pick up a red wasp from a puddle because it is drowning. And you use your hand. It will sting you. And your hand will resemble a cartoon. And it will hurt. A LOT. But the wasp is fine. So hey. There's that.


May. 19th, 2015 02:38 pm
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Kid A. Kid B.

N. Is a talker and a sleep denier. Will flop and twist and kick until about 11 pm before collapsing. My previous thinking was that making R. share with her was cruel. As N. was keeping her awake. But... I think I may have been played.

R. spent the last two months sleeping in the living room and I'm pretty sure she's just doing it to be all in my business. Now, maybe I'm just pissed about the super destructive temper tantrum she threw this morning, but R. has just lost her sleeping in living room privileges. Ha! If they keep each other awake so what? It's not like they have to be up for school. Right? RIGHT?!

Also, I really want my house back. And a room I can go to that doesn't have children in it. Flopping and grunting like small larvae. Ug. Children.

#tempertantrumsreallyruinitforeveryone #schoolhasbeenoutthreedays


May. 17th, 2015 05:26 pm
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She told her husband that if he ever cheated on her she'd shoot him. He cheated on her and she took the gun into the street and shot him through the windshield of his car. They didn't divorce. And he didn't cheat again.

This is my favorite story about B. who died about six minutes ago in her own home at the age of 79. It won't make it into her obit, but it totally should. She was also really nice to my mother when she lived here. Which was rare.
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This will not be taken from me. I will keep this. I will keep this forever, and it will not be taken from me. You hear me? YOU HEAR ME!? #fosterparenthaslostallperspective #minebabies #whattraining?
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At the behest of one my children, I'm supposed to keep a list of things that make me cry. You'd think this was a therapy exercise, but I suspect she wants to find the list and use it against me.

Last night. It's always at night. Secretly. Which is why my kids don't believe I cry. Which I why I am making this list. Even if they won't understand yet.

1) Captain America and Hawkeye calling the Black Widow a slut.

This caused real actual tears and feelings of betrayal and rage. Even though it didn't happen. And... actors. And I'm still upset. I have a Captain America shirt, I haven't worn it since. I eye it. Then tear up. There are legitimate fan consequences. Thanks, douchebros.
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Rude little old ladies in the grocery store who blurt out "You've lost weight!" when they see you. Bless you. Bless your children, bless your grandchildren, bless your sort of related nephews and nieces, and may your cow always give milk.


Mar. 4th, 2015 03:20 pm
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Sometimes, briefly, I surface from the world of fan fiction and read actual books instead. And the difference, is oh so lovely. I love fan fiction for the risks it takes. A lot more complicated relationships, and a lot less Male A loves Female B, Tab A into Slot B.
But books, dude, books.
Tad Williams, a love from grade school, has a new series, and while I'm kind of over the whole angels angle I'm giving it a try. There's a new Anne Bishop that I'm savoring. A new Patricia Briggs that's already been devoured. I need to knuckle down and finish Mira Grant's Symbiont #2. There's the reread of Abhorsen so I can read the latest addition. There's a truly horrifying audiobook on my iPod that makes me so jumpy I can't listen after dark. And about 70 more on my Goodreads To Read shelf.
So. To everyone I'm not talking to, and all the friends I'm not texting or emailing. I love you all. But... BOOKS!
Also this weather is horrendous and I can't build my fence. This update brought to you by a charging kindle and eyestrain.
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So I'm watching Scandal (not to give anything away, there's an episode where time passing is illustrated by Olivia's hair volumizing.) And Kerry Washington is pretty and all, but generally I don't think much about how she looks. But with her natural hair. God. Damn. I mean. Damn. Why exactly has the show wasted ENTIRE SEASONS on straight haired Olivia? That hair is fierce.

Then I'm watching How to Get Away with Murder. Same creator, same air day, same network, also only other black woman on tv (surely not.) And I see Viola Davis and I think, "Wow, she's beautiful." And that is the only time I can remember EVER thinking that about a black woman. Ever.

My dad was black and my mom is Native American. I wasn't raised with my dad's family. All of my mom's family suffered through government boarding schools and appearing white is very important to everyone (not my mom!). I'm the only one who's obviously a minority. I've spent my entire life surrounded by people who didn't look like me. Not at home, not at school, not in magazines, or books, or on television. I didn't exist. And I certainly wasn't beautiful.

So, media representations of minorities? Important.
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