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8hyenas ([personal profile] 8hyenas) wrote2015-10-03 11:35 am

4 year plan

In case you haven't met me. I'm a planner, a successful planner. I've completed four 4-year plans and it's time to start a new one. What I tend to do is have a pretty detailed four year plan that fits within an vaguer eight year outline. I'm not that strict about it, but I like to move with purpose. So. Here I go.

Upcoming big things include deciding not to adopt, and to close my home to foster placements. I reached a breaking point with the amount of control I was willing to give up. And I mean breaking point. The decision wasn't rational or logical, but entirely necessary for my continued stability. It's still going to take a while to fulfill my responsibility to the two kids I have right now, but by July at the latest I will be done.

My best friend is doing a degree program in the PNW next August, and I'm going with her for a semester. So. Hello. I've missed you West Coast.

Buying another house. Early 2017.

Traveling four months out of every year.

Working a steady job never a single fucking day in my life.

Meet a bunch of different whales, and introduce myself.


When I told my mom that my long term life plan was basically to travel around on a greyhound bus (SO CHEAP! And I am the worst driver.) and meet whales, she started to cry. They were prideful tears of joy.
She's never quite forgiven herself for disobeying and teaching me English, and to read. But blood will out.