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...okay, so why does my brand new, freshly-out-of-the-plastic roll of paper towels smell like barbecue sauce?


An Ohio City is Turning an Unused Highway Into a Pop-Up Forest

Nnedi Okorafor and the Fantasy Genre She Is Helping Redefine

Nobel goes to Richard Thaler, who made economics human again

Why Do So Many Rooms in the White House Have an Oval Shape?

An Interview with the Artist Behind the Covers for Goosebumps

This Vet Put Explanations Of 15 Common Cat Behaviours On His Cork Board, And It’s Hilarious (They're not overselling it, it IS hilarious.)

Seeing hope: FDA panel considers gene therapy for blindness

The Island Where Scientists Bring Extinct Reptiles Back to Life (Nope, Not That One)

The search for the extinct Tasmanian tiger

To Win This Board Game, Keep Away From The Matchmaker

Dirty Birds Are Refining Climate Models

The High Price of Cheap Weed

Protecting Heroin Clinics From Prosecution

Syrian Widows in Jordan Take Charge of Their New Lives

Monument sought to recognize blacks who served Confederacy (Um...)

The Real Reason the U.S. Has Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Deer prefer native plants leaving lasting damage on forests

ConCon 2.0: Six Amendments That Conservatives Could Push at a Constitutional Convention

Will Donald Trump let the Secretary of State do his job?

‘Partisan’ Gerrymandering Is Still About Race

How Computers Turned Gerrymandering Into a Science

Shared memories and the problems they cause

An eternal electric day is creeping across the globe, but our brains and bodies cannot cope in a world without darkness

A Territorial Land Grab That Pushed Native Americans to the Breaking Point

We Snuck into Seattle's Super Secret White Nationalist Convention

Americans deepest in poverty lost more ground in 2016

Bystander rape-prevention programs face questions

After 78 Killings, a Honduran Drug Lord Partners With the U.S.
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Here are the entries for this week's challenge:

List of entries )

In order to vote, please reply to this post using the form provided. All comments are screened, and entries are listed in the order they were submitted. For your vote to qualify, you must fill out your entire voting card (all three spots) in order to be counted. First place votes are worth 3 points, second place votes are worth 2 points, and third place votes are worth 1 point. Meeting the bonus goal on an entry gets an extra point for that submission.

When voting, please copy/paste the ENTRY NUMBER and the FIC TITLE from the list above into the spot you're voting for (this prevents accidentally mis-numbering a vote and casting it for the wrong entry). It should look like this:

First Place: 61. Fic Title Here
Second Place: 88. Another Fic Title
Third Place: 47. Finally a third fic title goes here

Please note that you cannot vote for your own entry, and that votes cannot be made anonymously. You do not have to be a member of the community in order to vote, nor have submitted an entry for this week; everyone is welcome to participate in the voting. IP addresses are logged to prevent duplicate voting.

Voting closes Wednesday, October 11th, at 9:00PM EST.

So the plan for this year

Oct. 14th, 2017 04:40 pm
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is that the boys get picked up from school by the mother of one of their classmates, and then I pick them up and transport them to a third babysitter until their mom gets home.

This is probably saving their mom $$$ in daycare, but the kids have had some time adjusting, in particular the older boy, because all the kids are either much younger than he is or dedicated high schoolers who focus on their homework.

So one day a week I'm trying to get them early so I can tutor him a bit, and really this is because I want to tutor Eva's best friend and I think she'll work better if she has another kid in her grade to work with.

But maybe he needs his own tutoring, because he bombed his first math test of the year, this after swearing that he had no math homework all month, which is a load of bull. (Babysitter 1 is asking his teacher tomorrow, and if she agrees that she didn't assign math homework, I'll buy him a soda.)

Anyway, I picked him up today and asked, as you'd expect, if he'd finished the reading comprehension packet that was assigned last week and is due tomorrow. "He told me he'd done all his homework!"


On the way to Babysitter 3, I set out a new rule. "If a grown-up asks if you have homework, and you're not sure, don't say no. Just open your bag, look in your folder, and check."

"How did you know I say no when I'm not sure!"

Um, I've met you? Also, I was a kid once.

"Oh, so when you were a kid you didn't want to do your homework either?"

No, when I was a kid I didn't do my homework*, but the difference here is that when I was your age, I never got a 27 on a test either. I got straight 90s and 100s.

In other news, today I taught him cursive f, m, and n. As he noted, he can now write "a dirty word", because he knows all the letters for it. All he has left to learn is o, p, r, s, x, y, and z. Oh, and the capitals. Tomorrow we'll do y and o, Wednesday we'll do p, r, and s, Thursday we'll do x and z. And next week we can start capitals, which the girls should review too anyway.

* And I lacked the appropriate skills and structure to do it either, but I didn't want to delve into that one.
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Bacteria self-organize to build working sensors

New York City's Students Are Getting Younger

The Little-Known Legend of Jesus in Japan

Japan scientists grow drugs in chicken eggs

What’s that smell? Secrets of famously pungent durian fruit revealed

Is living forever going to suck? (It is if we don't get a grip on climate change. But I'm sure that if this ever happens, the people who benefit from it won't be the ones who suffer in this world anyway)

It's not independence, but Syria's Kurds entrench self-rule

In Nigeria and Cameroon, Secessionist Movements Gain Momentum

Court: Movie theaters must accommodate deaf-blind patrons (It's taken a long time, but I think we've finally done it. We've found the ADA ruling that I think may possibly be an undue burden on businesses.)

Obesity Was Rising as Ghana Embraced Fast Food. Then Came KFC.

Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in California

40 years later, answers in cold case - and more questions

When bias beats logic: why the US can't have a reasoned gun debate

NRA lobbying has suppressed gun violence research

Don’t Let the NRA Control the Conversation

Texas Sheriff Broke Promise To Keep ICE Out of Local Jails

Trump administration releases hard-line immigration principles, threatening deal on ‘dreamers’

Trump: 'Nobody could have done what I’ve done for Puerto Rico with so little appreciation' (What a fucking asshat.)

Political Support Growing to Wipe Out Puerto Rico’s Wall Street Debt

Chinese factory supplying major laptop brands accused of student labour abuses

'I can't take this any more:' Rohingya Muslims flee Myanmar in new surge
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Theme Prompt: #045 – Spared No Expense
Title: Talk Me Into Losing Just as Long as I Can Win
Fandom: Original
Rating/Warnings: PG
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 589
Summary: What happens when a casino fundraiser goes horrible wrong.

talk me into losing just as long as i can win )

[#45] Extravagant (Ace Attorney)

Oct. 9th, 2017 01:13 pm
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Theme Prompt: Spared No Expense
Title: Extravagant
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating/Warnings: None
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 628
Summary: "What good is a prosecutor's salary plus the residuals from album sales if you can't spend them on your boyfriend?" Or, money can't buy love, but Klavier just likes to spoil Apollo anyway.

You're enjoying this way too much. )
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Theme Prompt: 045: Spared No Expense
Title: Sometimes You Lose When You Win
Fandom: MCU (Sometime after Iron Man 2 and right after Captain America being found)
Rating/Warnings: Alcoholism, Drunk character
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 846
Summary: Rhodes and Happy take care of a drunk Tony who's just found out Captain America is alive.

Sometimes You Lose When You Win: )

So the theme song's growing on me...

Oct. 13th, 2017 01:35 am
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But damn, I'm not sure what to do with this episode.

Read more... )

Science Fiction

Oct. 8th, 2017 02:28 pm
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The 10 Best Sci-Fi Shows On Netflix Streaming Right Now

- What is your favorite currently airing scifi show?
- Favorite canceled scifi?
- What do you think is the most binge-watchable scifi?
- What do you like best about scifi?
- What is your favorite 'flavor' or sub-genre of scifi? (ie. dystopia, space, paranormal, etc.)
(of course pick and choose which questions you answer)
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with the added bonus of avoiding people.

Somehow, there are always waaaaaaay more people out and about at 4:30 AM than you'd think is reasonable.

(Also, I bumped into my sister on the stairs, and if there is one thing I appreciate in life, it's getting a good accidental scare in at another person's expense. So long as nobody is injured, that is.)


Squirrels Sort Their Nuts Like You Sort Your Fridge

More Than Half the World's Population Lives Inside This Circle

This Video of How Medieval People Walked Is Oddly Compelling

Why We Miss Objects That Are Right in Front of Us

House passes budget, paving way for tax reform

The haunted bones of the Fighting Fairy Woman

Diversity Adversity (*snrk*)

New Bill Would Limit Abortion To Cases Where Procedure Necessary To Save Promising Political Career

The Flagrant Sexual Hypocrisy of Conservative Men

Black Farmers Grapple With A Changing Economy

A Wayward Weedkiller Divides Farm Communities, Harms Wildlife

Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream

How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment

ISIS Fighters, Having Pledged to Fight or Die, Surrender en Masse

They Helped Prosecutors After Escaping Death in a Smuggler’s Truck. Now They’re Being Deported. (Don't read the comments.)

The Ocean’s Low-Oxygen Dead Zones Are Getting Worse, Just Like Wildfires

How the Elderly Lose Their Rights

Las Vegas Is Only the Deadliest Shooting in US History Because They Don’t Count Black Lives

The Trump-Russia dossier: why its findings grow more significant by the day

I don't even know with these fleas...

Oct. 10th, 2017 01:09 am
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it seems like they're coming back every three weeks, and the Advantage is supposed to be good for a full month. (And usually, by this time of year I'm slowing down to an every-six-weeks schedule, but it's been so warm that I really can't do that!)

This isn't good for the animals, and it's doing nothing for my peace of mind either.

Sweetheart, whom the girls are calling Reeses, is still hanging around and she's stopped lunging at Mama Cat. Which is good, because Mama Cat will win any fight with her. If she's still here next week I'll take her into the van, because they'll be close by. Gotta hit up my neighbors who get food stamps, see if any of them will lend me their card. (I'm not paying $125 for a stray to get fixed. No way, no how. $5, now, I can do that.)


Pregnancy Growth Chart (LOL!)

Police arrest drunk 'time traveller' from 2048 warning of coming alien invasion (Boy, they'll be sorry when the aliens arrive!)

Scientists Somehow Just Discovered a New System of Vessels in Our Brains

The United States of Sweetness: The Most Popular Halloween Candy in Each State

Holy spirits: Closed churches find second life as breweries

The Case for the Flood-Proof Lawn

New Orleans Has Been Using the Same Technology to Drain the City Since the 1910s

The Science Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile

1909: The Great Catnip Caper of the 39th Police Precinct in East Harlem

The Gruesome History of Making Human Skeletons

'Squirtable' elastic surgical glue seals wounds in 60 seconds

The World's Most Improbable Green City

After generations in the shadows, the intersex rights movement has a message for the world

We Don't Do That Here

Shifting attitudes among Democrats have big implications for 2020

Why can’t we cure the common cold?

Why didn't they ask Evans?

Diary of a concussion

Urban noise pollution is worst in poor and minority neighborhoods and segregated cities

New York hospital's secret policy led to woman being given C-section against her will

Supporters of opposition leader Navalny rally across Russia

More Prisons Banning In-Person Visits, Adding To Securus Tech’s Pile Of Cash

Water shortages amplify the potential for violence

Under Trump's New Budget, If You Don't Work, You Don’t Eat: Republicans Are Kicking People Off Food Stamps

Internal Emails Show ICE Agents Struggling to Substantiate Trump’s Lies About Immigrants

The GOP Donor Class Is a Pack of Ungrateful Brats

FEMA buried updates on Puerto Rico. Here they are.

AG directive protects religious objectors to LGBT rights

Gun Violence: How The U.S. Compares With Other Countries (Some of those graphs are scary!)

Our Piece of the Deadly Pie

The Rules of the Gun Debate

White House: ‘This Is Not The Geologic Era To Debate Gun Control’

Should a Mental Illness Mean You Lose Your Kid?

Death at a Penn State Fraternity (Harrowing read)

Bee-harming pesticides in 75 percent of honey worldwide: study


Oct. 8th, 2017 01:04 pm
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Theme Prompt: #045 - Spared no expense
Title: Worth the cost
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating/Warnings: PG
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 1,000 words
Summary: Everybody loves a good wedding

Worth the cost )
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[personal profile] jordannamorgan posting in [community profile] fandomweekly
Theme Prompt: 045: Spared No Expense
Title: Investment
Fandom: MCU (takes place during Captain America: Civil War)
Rating/Warnings: None
Bonus: No
Word Count: 625
Summary: Tony put something far more costly than money into Peter’s suit.

Investment )

[#045] Never Enough (Torchwood)

Oct. 7th, 2017 05:15 pm
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Theme Prompt: #045 – Spared No Expense
Title: Never Enough
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating/Warnings: PG / None.
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 717
Summary: Jack is trying to do all he can for the victims of the Rift, but he’s only too well aware of just how little that is.
A/N: Set pre- and post-Adrift.

Never Enough... )
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Which was very useful when we had to make collages for school, let me tell you. I don't know how kids do it when they don't get magazines. Print stuff off the internet?

Anyway, every issue they'd print sample dinner recipes for the entire month. They seem to have stopped doing this last year and, more annoyingly, their archives only go back a few years anyway.

I don't care if the recipes are any good or not, as a completionist, I want to see all of them!

This is a periodic frustration in the back of my mind. I don't particularly want to cook any of their recipes. I don't want to look at them and laugh of the trends of the whatever-ies decade. I just want to know that they're available. Or that they're not available. I don't want some of them there and some of them not.

: (


The Miss Subways Pageant Charted the Highs and Lows of 20th-Century Feminism in New York

Bumblebees shed light on why some individuals are smarter than others

Wait a second: What came before the big bang?

A Rare Collection of Bronze Age Chinese Bells Tells a Story of Ancient Innovation

Senators used to relax in the nearly forgotten marble tubs now hidden in the U.S. Capitol Building's basement.

What a Forgotten Kids' Book Reveals About U.S. Publishing

A novel textile material that keeps itself germ-free

Drowning in grain - How Big Ag sowed seeds of a profit-slashing glut

Culture profoundly shapes our ideas about mental illness (And you'll want to read this one too)

How Syrian Zoo Animals Escaped a War-Ravaged City

Here is how the Republican Party has conned America for over 30 years

When it comes to political ads, it's time for Facebook and Google to be held to the same standards as ABC and CBS

DOJ releases overruled memos finding it illegal for presidents to appoint relatives

Chaos and hackers stalk investors on cryptocurrency exchanges

America’s deadliest shooting incidents are getting much more deadly

The Good Guy with a Gun Theory, Debunked

Over the past two decades, hundreds of Minnesota law enforcement officers have been convicted of criminal offenses. Most were never disciplined by the state.

A Judge Halted This ‘Unconstitutional’ Cash Bail System. The Status Quo Fought Back.

Investigation: Drug Court Rehabs Survive on Forced Labor (Surprise!)

Venezuela's unrest, food scarcity take psychological toll on children

The Untold Story of Kim Jong-nam’s Assassination

Inside North Korea, and Feeling the Drums of War
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Challenge 045:

(phrase) to spend as much money as necessary to make something good, without worrying about the cost; To expend time, money, or other measures of value to do something the best or most extravagant way possible.

It's a phrase that we hear a lot but don't always think about the meaning of, that someone has 'spared no expense' in preparing something. But what kind of expense do they necessarily mean? Monetary is the easiest assumption, but it could also have been sacrifices of other kinds: time, family, pride, or relationships. Sometimes these efforts pay dividends... sometimes they're looked back on as not worth the cost.

Write a story about someone who has 'spared no expense' in setting something up, and how that thing is received by themselves and/or others.


If your submission contains reference to someone winning a jackpot (does not have to be money), that entry will earn an extra point to be tallied during voting!

Challenge ends Monday, October 9th at 9:00PM EST
• Post your submission as a new entry using the template in the profile
• Tag this week's entries as: [#] submission, 045 - spared no expense
• If you have questions about this challenge, please ask them here

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Or is that one of the nouns we don't verb? Maybe we have to "make a spittake" or "do a spittake" exclusively?


The Mysterious Tree Carvings of America’s Basque Sheepherders

11 Examples of the Odd Dialect Called 'EU English'

Animals that play with objects learn how to use them as tools

When Math Discoveries Led to Banned Numbers (Video)

The Latin Mass, Thriving in Southeastern Nigeria

These women are making revolution in one of India’s most conservative universities

Study examines how far US women must travel to get abortion

Good news: Fewer and fewer young people are getting incarcerated

Navy Returns to Compasses and Pencils to Help Avoid Collisions at Sea (Also, they're getting more sleep, which I think is the more salient point.)

Cool It With the ‘Autism Awareness’ T-Shirts

Rap and the Party: China taps youth culture to hook millennial cadres

Sea Turtles Appear to Be Bouncing Back Around the World

Terrorist label frustrates Muslim community in the woods

For Decades, New York’s Chinatown Duped ‘Slum Tourists’ With Faked Danger and Depravity

When wealthy New Yorkers decided to build Central Park, they eliminated an egalitarian community known as Seneca Village.

Catalonia beset by divided loyalties in protest aftermath

Judges are terrible at distinguishing good science from bad. It’s time we stopped asking them to do it.

5 Ways To Honor The Victims Of The Las Vegas Shooting Without Being Disrespectful To The NRA

Nevada Republican Leaders Are in the Hot Seat for Refusing to Implement New Background-Check Law Voters Passed Last Year

Here are all the other fatal shootings from Sunday that you haven’t heard about

Americans must challenge Trump's policies in North Korea and Yemen that stem from imperial priorities.

Why Trump Humiliated His Own Secretary of State

The Police Are Using Computer Algorithms to Tell if You’re a Threat

John McCain Urges Supreme Court to 'Return Control of Our Elections to the People' (When the hell did McCain become the voice of relative sensibility?)


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