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there's a large selection here! :)
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I'm a fan of Valentine's Day. I'm not sure why. I've been single every Valentine's Day of my entire life. I know of one happy marriage and I think it's because the people involved are unhealthy in a complementary manner. But Valentine's Day! Chocolate! Handmade cards! And I get to celebrate having the best friends in the entire world. One, in particular. Yeah, you.
And I get to buy my kiddo Valentines and candy, and there's a party with cupcakes and N. shares all her chocolate. It's my Vegetarian Anniversary (15 yrs!). And I get a present. For myself. Because I need an excuse. So. PUPPY.
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Another part of the horrible holidays that just makes a THREE and a HALF WEEKS(!!!) winter break that much more awful. Show hiatus(i? es?). Wish the US did Christmas specials too...
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Foster homes are not all bad. Saying a character was in a foster home should not be accepted shorthand for "had a bad childhood and was unloved."

Foster homes are not doing it for the money. For the love of god. Stop it. There is no way. Ever. It works out to being about maybe 1/2 of what you actually spend on a kid. MAYBE MAYBE if you had a kid with a lot of medical disabilities. It is an untaxed federal
reimbursement. Basically, it's child support from the state. So chill.

Foster children DO NOT share beds. Ever. Not with siblings, not with adults, not with animals. So the difficulty Clint has falling asleep alone cannot be attributed to never having his own bed. He did. And it was looked at twice a month by a worker.

The rooms cannot be co-ed. Ever.

Kids are moved for a LOT of reasons. It's not because the foster parents are bad. In my case I've moved two. Both because of their behavior towards the other children I had. Kids have been moved to be with siblings, to be in different school districts, to be closer to visits, to be closer to treatment, and to be institutionalized.
The system is awful and chews up everyone involved. But behind most foster kids is a series of tired women holding the hands of babies they won't get to keep.
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This matters to me, and I'm very excited.

This morning on the way back from the bus stop a little bird flew across my path and landed about six feet away on a tree trunk. A red-cockaded woodpecker. FOR THE SECOND TIME. A highly elusive endangered species. That I've seen twice on MY land. They are also very shy, so just seeing one is a gift.

So. Very. Happy.
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I need to update my ghost story. I told it to my mom and she corrected me. There was a mistranslation. It wasn't ghosts but Kowi Anukasha, who are the Choctaw little people. So I guess the story needs to be re-branded as a supernatural (well...natural) tale.
Plus, she reminded me that ghosts would be unable to affect the physical world in such a concrete manner. Obviously.
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This one is my favorite, I talk to a lot of people and it doesn't seem to take long before the conversation works its way around to ghosts. I got this story from a guy at the park, I used to work with his aunt and she confirms.
I LOVE this story, a lot of it has to do with how matter-of-fact the people telling me were.

When he was about two months old his grandma was babysitting him at the old homestead house. The house was known to be haunted, but no one had seen the ghosts in a long time. The grandma lived in a newer house down the road. When her daughter pulled into the driveway the grandma left him sleeping in his crib, waved to her daughter, and walked to her own house. But her daughter pulled out of the driveway without seeing her mother leave, and went on a week-long bender with her boyfriend. Leaving her baby in the care of his grandma. Except grandma had already gone home, and thought her daughter had the baby. About a week later the daughter called her mom to apologize for leaving her baby. Everyone freaked out and rushed to the old homestead. When they took the baby to the ER the doctor didn't believe them. He was perfectly fine and didn't even have a dirty diaper, despite having lain in the crib for a week. He sees ghosts now though.
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I am an Avengers fan. Well, a fan of the fan fiction. But!!! I decided to do a rewatch of Iron Man 1,2,3. And... I have never actually seen Iron Man 2 and 3. I had no idea! So excited. :)
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Moving to Hawaii to live in a commune. Just so you know, that's happening at some point.
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Doesn't anyone else suffer from CPA? I'll shut mine and put it on the coffee table, then I'm like, no, someone will see it from the window and break in. So I put it under a pillow on my bed, no, it will overheat and burn down my house. So I put it on the floor, no, a water pipe will burst and flood the house ruining my darling. It can't go anywhere near the fish tank, or in the kitchen, or on a soft surface, or an exposed surface. It usually ends up under some throw pillows on the couch*, then I get home and promptly sit on it.

I feel like a squirrel with a single, precious, nut.

*But thanks to this post it can't hide there anymore.
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I've discovered the secret to happiness. Play your life like a Sims game.
I'm incredibly dumb about my emotions. I can go the whole day thinking I must have stomach ulcers before it occurs to me I'm worried about something. Recently (see previous post) I've been feeling trapped and overwhelmed. Then my mom pointed out that I haven't traveled for about two years. Before kids I was on a plane about four times a year. Then the saint that is my mother offered to babysit this weekend so I can drive up to Tulsa and lounge around my friends' houses.
I'm looking forward to it and everything has lightened up.
She also reminded me that respite care* exists just for this reason. So maybe in February I'll take a week and fly to a coast for a while.

So yay!

*The state is very particular about who the kids can stay with overnight. The person has to have various background checks and home visits etc. My mom (bless her) has done all of this. Otherwise, the state provides respite foster care where the kids are placed in another foster home while you have wild hedonistic travels before returning. Or go to funerals, whatever.


May. 13th, 2014 11:20 am
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I discovered that I have a secret, which I'm philosophically against. So I'm going to tell the internet (Hi Jessa!)

Star Trek is my "You're Getting Lucky Tonight Dude" movie.

To the point that I now feel compelled. *Eyes entire theater*
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I am the most miserable, craptastic person during the off-season for television. I hate it. I NEED television. Emotionally. It's my only downtime activity. Even "running", which is supposedly a de-stresser, isn't for me. I spend the time pacing and cursing in my head. Reading is too involved and I've stopped eating my feelings, which is awesome, but at the same time I don't really know what to do with all my anger. Because I have a lot. Every emotion I have turns to anger. I used to deal also by isolating myself for days and days at a time. Which worked, but I am no longer a hermit. So. I dunno. Right now it's just building and building but hasn't expressed itself other than making me miserable. Here's to not going on a homicidal rampage.
But back to the original topic. Teen Wolf!!!! Is fantastic and everyone should be watching this show.
I have a 16 yr old foster kid right now (seriously, how did this happen) and it's kind of awesome. We dress alike and watch the same TV... It's like being in college again, except I can boss this roommate around and tell them to do the dishes. Life is good. (Excepting the rage issue)
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This is the sort of thing that ends up being a secret because I'm such a contained person. But...I really love my aquarium. A lot.
I have a beautiful 45 gallon tank with 8 White Cloud Minnows and I will soon be adding four catfish. There are also plants.
I have to post this because I am so excited about the tank upgrade...
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Having kids has ruined kidfic for me. Who wants to actually read about children?! And they are way more annoying that fandom would have you believe.
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I love Teen Wolf so much! I had to skip the first five episodes and just start in the middle. OMG. So in love. I actually like ALL the characters, which has never happened before. This show was made for fandom.
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I will watch Teen Wolf. I will watch it even though I hate teenagers, high school, and "crushes." Because, the fan fiction! I don't know what's going on and I refuse to be left out of the awesome fics. Also, this Stiles character is appealing. We shall see.


Nov. 12th, 2013 04:22 pm
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Ug. How pathetic. I'm so lonely. I have one great friend and a tiny little family. But still there's a hole there. ARG! I just want someone to go kayaking with me without expecting me to sleep with them. IS THAT SO HARD!?
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So I started this show due to its shiny cover, but no one was talking about it. Then, BAM. In love. The thing I adore most about this show is that it's not plot driven, it's character driven and that's the storyline I watch. Who cares who dies, but whoa, you did not just do that to Roman. I like this show. I finished it last night. I didn't like the ending. At all. Well, I sort of did. I like how there's a sort of lesson. Everyone is a scorpion. And everyone acts according to their nature.
Or at least that's what I got out of it. I'm sure you got something else, or you hated the show (WHAT?!).
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1. Drag self to gym
2. Find remotes and subtly change all TVs to TNT Supernatural marathon.
3. Hide remotes.
4. Work out smugly.
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