Dec. 30th, 2015

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Okay. I know it's bad, for the planet in general and max extinction and pollution and BAD. But on a purely selfish, local level? It's awesome.

1) Rain. There used to be droughts where I live, and forest fires. Now there's rain. A LOT.
And sure, there's flooding and roads crumbling and people floating away. But... I live on a hill. All my houses are on hills. Hills. Gardens that aren't on hills get washed out. All my topsoil is gone. Fenced beds coming soon.
The bad. Now when it gets super hot in the summer (115 degrees plus) it is also super humid (80% plus). And this combination is literally not survivable for the human species. There are "Red Days" when you are told to stay inside and air conditioned. Or you'll die, because the air is too wet for sweat to evaporate, and you won't be able to cool yourself.

2) Less extreme cold/heat and wetter. And if not cooler, then wetter. I used to have a garden from April 15th until about August 1st. Because it just got too hot and dry for any amount of watering to keep the plants alive. Now I plant on February 15th, and this year I had growing plants until mid-November. I got two full crops of tomatoes and peppers. 15 pumpkins off of ONE vine. Okay.
There are issues. My mom's yard was legitimately unable to be mown and had to be hayed. The hot dry crops that were traditionally grown here are getting hard to do. Okra is difficult to get right now.

3) Tornadoes. There was only one this season. Only one. ONE. They have moved north and east of us. Tornado alley is shifting. Sadly, they have taken the epic thunderstorms with them. But I'll trade.

There is a possibility that I'm describing a weather pattern, and not climate change. But these have held out for the last five years. And are within the predicted weather pattern shift. The tornadoes might just be luck. But, only one tornado warning? I remember spending most weeknights in the cellar or crying in the hallway convinced of imminent death (pre-cellar). I'm talking 20+ tornado warnings, hail destroying everything, green sky of death times.

Side note: During our one tornado I was happily on the internet in the living room and the dogs went crazy outside on the porch. They were leaping and clawing at the window while barking. I checked the weather, grabbed kids and the cat, and ran to the cellar. The dogs shoved us aside and ran in first. This is notable. I usually have to lift them down the stairs, and they hate being in the cellar. HATE. Fish panic sheds and lies on the floor like she's dead. Heidi insists that she needs her own chair and then passes out. Anyway, the tornado hit one mile to the east and we rose up victorious out of the shelter.

I wonder if the rate of religion goes up the more prone to natural disasters an area is? Ug. I have to stop this. And go move things around so the contractors can cut a hole for a new door. Goodbye one person on livejournal.


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