Nov. 26th, 2015

8hyenas: (was a tree)
So another year's Thanksgiving. I love my family.

First, there's the food, the only rule is you can't have made it before, and nothing actually goes together. I brought a pumpkin curry with jasmine rice, there were grilled Brussels sprouts and some loser brought new potatoes, and other stuff, but that's what I ate.
So then there's the beginning prayer. Which is actually a "Blessing of the Birds" and has a group visualization, ending with everyone saying "And now our minds are one." (Do I really need to mention that there is no meat at this meal? And basically we are mourning all the turkeys.)
After the meal everyone goes to separate rooms, if you cannot find a room to yourself, you may go outside. There people read companionably alone. This lasts about two hours, then pie. Then you leave, quickly, when my mother raises one finger. Seriously, that's what she does when it's time to you go. You can say goodbye politely at the one finger point, but if she raises two you just have a leave as swiftly as possible.
So we're already home, and sleepy, and smug at how low-key our vacation is.


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